Show others what works for you

To hang out with others is a good way to boost spirituality in our life. Feeling companion in the company of those you like are a well tried method of getting the joy and spirit going. The forms of this ancient ritual is to practice a humble approach to the event or encounter. To listen to does you choose to hang around with is a good way to enjoy the moment even more and getting to know does you thought you knew better is a surprising experience. Another really appreciated way to interact with others is to invite them to something that you really enjoy. Something that makes you sparkle and glow so much that the felling you have about it will put your company high over the clouds.

What works for you is something personal, maybe a little unknown to yourself actually. It’s not necessary the think you like, do a lot or that you identify yourself with. It can be something you did as a kid and want to do again as an adult and want to explore again. In this kind of event it’s good to have curiosity with you and have an open mind like a child ready to explore the world. To take your best friends or loved ones on this venture is a good format of companionship. You could have a good laugh together, learn more about each other or just have a wonderful memory stored up for another day.

What works for you could also be something that you have a lot of experience of and have the prestige less approach enought to letting someone in on it. Even if we thought we knew everything of our special intresst or subject there is often more to learn. Questions from those who we can get intressted in this is often inspiration to dig deeper in our knowledge. Things around this activity or subject may seem obvious to you, but when we have to explain what we find as clear as the sun so everybody understands it new aspect and views of and will be given to us.

In the end an event, journey or gathering of this type is not the practical or measurable aspect of it. The important thing is to always have relaxed attitude to those who put their trust in your picking of happenings. Another very good thing to take with you and wear all the time is a sunny smile, take your best effort in showing your gratitude for your companion. In the end they want to know what makes you feel good and this is your great chance to show them just that.

Stay in the light with us


Sometimes it’s hard to stay in the light, to keep the spirit up and be grateful for what life has to offer. The things that might take the flame of life away from us might be pain in our bodies making us listen more to the agony than to listen to what life has to offer. Another problem can be sleepiness or feeling a bit tired during the day. The restricted physical condition makes time move slow and might take away the flow in your every day.

But the same mind that feels the problems and hinder can start a focusing on the positive things instead. This can be hard to do and something you learn to practice as time goes by and you see the benefit of the method. If something which takes lots of time a real challenge doesn’t go as you expect and will require some more tries you can sit back in that it´s good to have some challenges left. In the end if you where a person who likes progress and to gets better, would not life bee kind of dull without some cliffs to climb or rivers to jump over. If life where perfect right now when you read this, what would be left to fill it with. Therefore the happenings and encounters we see as back sets or problems could instead be thought of like an opportunity to learn something new and grow as a person.

If you feel lonely or don´t feel that there is room for you try to find someone else that needs company and try to behave to that person as you would like others to behave when you where lonely. This could be to ask questions about this other person and try to find similarities between the two of you. If this goes well the person you try to company will feel seen and that someone cares. If it goes even better others will join up and wonder what an interesting conversation you seem to have. If it goes very good you will enjoy feelings of companion, fellowship and to be part of something bigger than the self. However this ends you will stop feeling lonely since you have something better to think of than that.

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